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From Indigo's last posting:

"Lost Friends

Just recently I started checking online friends and how things were going.  I was gone a week (and longer due to lack of interest of internet activity, so about 2 and a half weeks) at my grandmothers.

As it turns out, some people who I've felt close to have disappeared or left me in dark.  Just a week before moving out to college, too.

I hope I haven't lost them.  Do you have any experiences of losing important friends in your life?"

Well that's just a refresher from the last posting, but I feel a similar thing - and have before.
My two closest friends at home go to school together and have always said that I was their best friends - I'm 90 miles away now in my 2nd year of school and I barely talk to them. They give me the story of being too tired from work and school, but they are able to comment on friend's postings and send comments on sites like deviant art to others.

I should move away from them emotionally, but I feel that I can't as they were really my only friends when I came out to most people at home.. I am tired of feeling hurt and annoyed, but I just can't get rid of the idea that they'll change.

What to do...
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I understand that one. Moving away to college is one thing that made it happen. People change overtime, though they are always the same. I've lost closeness with several online friends. They are gay, too, which makes it hurt just a little more. If I cannot connect with my counterparts, what CAN I connect with?

One thing we've got to remember, is that we will be living with one person our whole lives... ourselves. At least we can count on that.